Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 174

Today was a long day. We went to Disney Animal Kingdom and Disney Magic Kingdom. I took the most photos at the zoo, since it has the most animals and plants.



Duck floating on a small pond full of fish





Male gorilla with baby

Yellow flower petal on metal of swinging bridge

Silverback gorilla



Flower in butterfly garden

Komodo dragon

Giant flying fox bat

Flower buds in leaf pod

Huge bird

The world's largest pigeons. They were about the size of turkeys. This is a male and female making a nest. They are so used to people, from interacting with them in the aviary, that the male picked up nest material a few inches away from me.

Parrot maybe?

This might be a bird couple or an adult and junior bird.

Birdy belly

This anteater was taking a shower. It was scrubbing it's self and really enjoying the water. This was an unexpected sight.


Pink flowering vine

After lunch, we went to the Magic Kingdom. By the time we had walked around for a few hours, I was exhausted. I didn't take a lot of photos, while we were there.

Sun rays through the clouds

After about an hour at the park, rain started pouring. After it had stopped, these white birds were standing on the canopies for vendors.

Yellow flower near the dock to go to Tom Sawyer's island.



Pink rose


Sunset from the boat headed back to the cars.

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