Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 330

Today, my husband drove our daughter and me to Philadelphia, PA for the weekend. After checking in early and a nap, we walked around the city. We eventually took a trip across the river to Camden, NJ. They have a great aquarium there. However, you won't see any photos of aquarium creatures, because that would be cheating.

Along our walk, we went to Rittenhouse square. We watched the pigeons walk around and a guy balance things on his chin.

We stopped in another park along the way. There were many of these little birds on the ground, eating.

While walking, John choose the aquarium as our destination and found out we could take a ferry from Philly to the aquarium in Camden. The aquarium is along the water, so the ferry ride is straight across from Penn's Landing.

Along the bridge to Penn's landing, there are beautiful flowers.

The bridge goes over the interstate.

Penn's Landing holds concerts during the summer. This area had two pergolas. Resting on top of them, were many pigeons.

After the aquarium, I spotted this monarch butterfly flying from flower to flower. 

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