Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 321

More mushrooms. It's just that kind of week. All but the last photo are newly sprouted. The last one shows a decaying mushroom. The red ones must be edible, because all of them have nibbles, or have been devoured by animals. Any clue what kind this is?

The cluster mushrooms have melted down, are rotting and attracting flies. Very gross decaying process. Unlike any of the others.


  1. I love mushrooms, as I think you could tell from my album. ;) This time of year is so awesome, there are just so many kinds. Once I tried to identify some, and learned that mushroom/fungus identification is actually very complex. The same fungus can take many forms, and many different fungi can have the same form. Even experts are often wrong!

  2. I love mushrooms too. I loved seeing your album. I've never seen so many of them here, but project wise, it's a refreshing surprise. They make me think of a fantasy land with fairies, elves and brownies running around. I'm fascinated with the rapid growth of them. The red ones keep being eaten by the animals, so I guess they are not poisonous. The ants were breaking them down too.