Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 245

John pointed out that we have our own now domesticated "wild animal"...our cat Pippi aka "my furry no so helpful helper". She was a stray that a friend of ours was fostering. Due to not having a mother to teach her how to be a cat, she's still a bit wild and territorial. We like to mess with her when she's being moody, to try to wear her out of her attacking behaviors. After all, we are her "kitty" family, so we have to teach her how to be a cat. I've been taking photos of her being a trouble maker and sitting on the balcony between the rails. She's been doing this daily for weeks.

A bit out of the normal photos, but here is Pippi when we got her. This was taken on August 2, 2010. She was about three months old. She was fascinated by my laptop and typing. She would sit on my laptop or lay across my arms to prevent the work and get attention. It worked most of the time.


  1. Love the top shot in particular. So dramatic!

  2. yeah, she loves to live on the edge...of the balcony. It's her only height thrill.