Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 223

Today, we went to the Virginia Zoological Park in Norfolk, Va. We love this zoo! A few months ago, they finished building the Trail of the Tiger enclosures structure. We have been trying to go for months, so this was a special treat. I will include a few zoo resident photos, but plants first, since some of the zoo animals aren't natural to this area.






Bengal Tiger cooling off in a creek made for them.

Swinging Primate. I didn't photograph the description, so I don't know what kind it is.

This ostrich was mad that a giraffe came near his woman. The giraffe just stuck it's tongue out at the ostrich. Eventually the ostrich just walked longer protecting his woman. The giraffe went back to eating the roof.

I have no  clue why both giraffes were licking the posts and eating the grass roof. This is the baby giraffe.



There were 2 adults and 6 baby geese. Two of the babies were too far to the left to easily get in the frame. The babies kept on walking for a bit then laying down.

The baby Prairie Dogs were wrestling. They were squeaking and having fun. One of the adults came over to regulate, but the babies continued to wrestle beside the adult.

Adult Prairie Dog sitting on a dome. This area has three domes that you can look through. Sometimes, you get wacky views like the butt of a Prairie Dog.

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